11th Step Retreat with John Bruna and Peter Kuhn

Mercy Retreat Center 535 Sacramento Street, Auburn, CA, United States

John and Peter are delighted to return to the Mercy Center in Auburn, CA for their annual 11th Step retreat. The retreat is open to all in recovery, as well as family and friends. For details and registration, click here.

Mindfulness Retreat at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

We are excited to return to Waunita Hot Springs Ranch for another retreat. This retreat will focus on the four degrees of mindfulness. To learn more and register, click here.

Half-Day Loving-Kindness Retreat with John Bruna

Half-Day Loving-Kindness Retreat - Online and In-Person "Loving-kindness allows us to address the unhealthy behavior and activities of others in skillful ways, focusing on their behaviors, not their value as a human being. Just as a loving mother may set boundaries or have consequences for their children, it is done with the motivation to help...

Women’s Retreat at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch: Living and Leading with an Open Heart

Women’s Retreat at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch Living and Leading with an Open Heart with Laura Bartels March 14 - 17, 2024 Waunita Hot Springs Ranch Gunnison, CO Join us for this offering of a women’s mindfulness retreat at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch near Gunnison, Colorado in a beautiful high mountain valley. Bringing the caring...

Online Four Immeasurables Retreat with John Bruna

  Main hall at Blazing Mountain Retreat Center You can attend online!April 11-14, 2024 Hosted by the Way of Compassion Dharma Center Our co-founder, John Bruna, will be facilitating a retreat on the Four Immeasurable Attitudes – equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and empathetic joy. Teachings on each of these beneficial attitudes can be found in many...