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The Mindfulness In Recovery® difference

People in the MIR community share their experience of incorporating the skills of Mindfulness In Recovery® with their personal programs of recovery.

MIR Community

We in the Mindfulness in Recovery® Community are people active in different recovery programs and therapies, who have discovered the benefits of integrating the skills of mindfulness with the tools of recovery.  In applying the Mindfulness in Recovery® practices and skills, we are able to consciously create a meaningful and purposeful life that is driven by action, attention, values, wisdom, and an open heart. In becoming the best version of ourselves possible, we have discovered a recovery from our afflictions imbued with freedom, integrity, a deep sense of well-being and an appreciation for the rare and precious life we have today – a life truly worth living.

Mindfulness in Recovery’s primary mission is to provide our members with skills, activities and a supportive community to cultivate mindfulness in their daily lives, empowering them to make healthy choices in alignment with their personal values and beliefs so they can live meaningful lives in recovery.

The community is a private online platform accessible with a computer, tablet, or as a app on your phone. There are daily lessons, activities, meditations, and other resources to support you in your recovery, as well as connection with other MIR members.