Mindfulness In Recovery® Institute

Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR)
Training for Treatment Providers

Our MIR Provider Program
For Treatment Centers

We have designed resources and trainings to support your whole organization. With our provider program, all of your staff will have access to our MIR online course and all of the resources and activities to facilitate MIR groups. Often, treatment centers lose staff members with specialty training. With our program, we will support your whole team, including new staff as the join your organization.

We have onboarding lessons for new staff, lesson plans and activities with identified outcomes for every activity in the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery, and a full meditation library.

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Questions and pricing information for your treatment Program

If you have questions or would like to learn more about integrating MIR in your program, you can always make an appointment to speak directly with John Bruna, via Zoom or phone, using this link – John Bruna’s Appointment Calendar.

If you would like to have a quote for your program, please fill out our online program information form.

The MIR Provider Program is a customized set of resources and support designed to seamlessly integrate the skills of MIR into your treatment milieu. We work with you to customize the services that best support your treatment philosophy.

In becoming a Mindfulness in Recovery® provider, your treatment program receives the following training and ongoing support:

  • Free enrollment in our MIR 8-week courses for your staff
  • Free enrollment for 2 qualified staff in our certification training per year
  • Access to a private online library of MIR resources, lesson plans, meditations and videos.
  • Free MIR Community memberships for all actively employed staff
  • Training videos and lessons for staff on the foundations of MIR
  • Listing on our website as an MIR provider once MIR is implemented
  • Discount rate to the MIR community for clients and family members

The MIR provider program is available on an annual subscription basis. The annual rate is dependent upon the size of your organization.

There are upgrades to the base plan available:

  • Family and Friends Program
  • In-person trainings for staff
  • In-person groups with clients
  • Continuing care

To learn more, you can schedule a call or Zoom meeting with John Bruna using this link – John’s Calendar, or email him at john@MIRInstitute.org.