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Present for life!

Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute

Providing people in recovery, family and friends, healthcare professionals, and treatment centers with resources, courses, and training to bring the evidence-based tools of recovery to life in effective, meaningful, and productive ways.

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The Mir experience

Mindfulness In Recovery® members share how MIR has impacted their lives.

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Recovery Resources

Explore courses and resources for people in recovery, and family and friends.

MIR Meetings

Explore the calendar of Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) meetings and events.

Professional Training

Explore CEU courses and certification training for mental health professionals

Treatment Providers

Explore treatment providers that integrate Mindfulness in Recovery® into their programs.

A sample of Guided Meditations

9 Minute MIR Morning Meditation with John Bruna

10 Minute Meditation Transforming Unskillful Events with John Bruna

15 Minute Mindfulness of Breath Meditation with John Bruna