The Online 8-Week Mindfulness in Recovery® Course
Now Has Open Registration

Online Mindfulness In Recovery® course

Along with the many challenges and hardships that came with the pandemic, some opportunities also arose. One of them is the innovation of online courses and resources to connect people that otherwise would not have access. Now you don’t need to live near a group or center to receive a wide range of support, education, and resources to cultivate your highest potentials and live a life you find truly meaningful. Our core program is an 8-week online course that is now accessible to everyone, no matter where you live.

The online Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) course has been specifically designed to support people from all walks of life, whether you are in recovery of any kind, a family member or friend, or a professional working in the treatment field, to develop the skills to reduce stress, increase resiliency, and more fully engage in their lives with more connection and joy.


Our Course Supports

  • People in recovery (all pathways, including 12-step)
  • Family and friends affected by people struggling with substances or other mental health issues (receive the Family and Friends Guidebook to MIR) 
  • Clinicians, therapists, and addiction treatment professionals (receive 36 NAADAC CEUs and serves as a prerequisite for the certification course)
  • It is not a replacement for treatment or therapy, it is an additional support once people are actively engaged in their recovery or therapeutic process.

The MIR course will help you:

  • Develop more inner peace, resiliency, and joy in your recovery
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve attention, mental stability, and focus
  • Acquire more emotional balance
  • Live with more meaning and purpose
  • Develop insight into personal habits and patterns, enabling healthier choices that support the life you want to live.

Mindfulness In Recovery® Course details

This is an eight-week course with open enrollment. You can enroll and begin at any time. It is experiential and focused on helping participants cultivate a daily mindfulness practice that integrates the MIR skills into daily life. 

The course is interactive with live weekly sessions, daily activities, and exercises from either the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery or the Family and Friends edition. Lessons include videos, instruction with John Bruna, and interaction with others in the course in our live sessions.

Once you begin the course, you will have 10 weeks to complete the 8-week course. To allow more flexibility you will have at least 3 different live sessions to choose from per week. 

Everyone in the United States receives a copy of the Essential Guidebook to Mindfulness in Recovery or the Family and Friends edition, and access to the private online course platform accessible by computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You are able to interact with others in the course on that platform and in the course sessions. 

*If you live outside of the USA or UK, we will work with you to get you access to the guidebook. 



Price: $349 US. There is a $50 discount for members of the Mindful Life Community™ and Mindfulness in Recovery® Community. If you are taking the course for a second time, you can do so at half price. Contact us for your discount code.

Payment Plans and Scholarships: We always offer scholarships and payment plans. We never want anyone to not access our services due to financial difficulties. To apply for a payment plan or scholarship, click here.